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From the War Room Of: Robert Plank
Date: Tuesday, 11:00 AM

I market on the internet but I'm mainly a programmer.  Several years ago I told a complete stranger at an internet marketing event:

"I wish I was more like you. I can program scripts but sales copy takes me a long, long time. I wish I was the kind of person who would write great copy."

I didn't know it at the time, but that one random sentence out of my mouth EVENTUALLY made me realize that I'm a fast food copywriter.

What the heck is a fast food copywriter? It's someone who can write sales copy to promote a product that's good enough.

That person can write sales letters quickly and consistently.

When you go to a fast food restaurant, you go there to save time and money. You get your food in a matter of minutes, instead of 30 minutes or an hour... you are usually served in less than five minutes -- sometimes in under a minute.

The "food" doesn't have to be unhealthy (ever been to Subway Sandwiches?) -- it just has to be fast, and taste the same every time.

Multinational fast food chains have tweaked their "production formula" to perfection: adjusting assembly lines, electronic equipment, training methods, packing materials, and preservatives.

Similarly, I've been adjusting my copywriting formula over time, and the end result of that is a special report I have for you called: "Fast Food Copywriting."

"Perfect If You Need Copy
Real Quick!"

I bought it, and I loved it.

Michel Fortin Granted, learning how to write killer copy is still the most important
skill you will ever learn in your business.

But if you're in a hurry
or you want to avoid dishing out thousands of dollars for a decent
copywriter, this special report is a fantastic shortcut!

If you need copy real quick, this is perfect for you...

Michel Fortin
Professional Copywriter
Ottawa, ON, Canada

"Even An Old Dog Like Me Learned New Tricks"

David Deutsch I liked the way you had of setting up a simple letter anyone could follow.

I liked the idea of looking at a letter to see what gets you to read (or keep reading), and then making whatever got you to do that part of your swipe file.

I like the idea of striving for 7 word sentences. Certainly I've heard (and said) before that one should use short sentences. But having a goal of 7 words is an interesting and useful way to keep the words down.

Even an old dog like me learned some new tricks.

David Deutsch
Professional Copywriter
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

I'm Not A Fantastic Copywriter, But You Should Know I Wrote This Entire Sales Letter... In Under Two Hours.

Imagine for a moment that you're already great fast food copywriter.
You make serious money on the net using any or all of the following techniques:

Scenario #1: Resale Rights

You're snatching up resale rights or private label rights to products, one at a time.

You write a totally new sales letter for the product. You promote it... use it to build a list... then use those profits to buy MORE resale rights products.

You're growing your list exponentially.

Scenario #2: Affiliate Programs

I don't even know how many thousands of affiliate programs are available in your niche for you to join.

The problem... everyone promotes the EXACT same sales letter!  You're smarter than the Average Joe, however.

You're writing your own unique copy and leave others scratching their heads in disbelief as your copy speaks directly to the people you're trying to target, while everyone else fails miserably with mass-market "spray and pray" cookie-cutter web sites.

Scenario #3: Joint Ventures

You've made friends with another internet marketer, or you see a product idea you really like but it's being marketed poorly.

One day you call your friend on the phone and say:

"You spend three months developing and debugging your product and I'll spend three days writing the copy and we'll split the profits 50/50."

Okay, you wouldn't use such harsh language, but you'd still spend three days MAXIMUM to whip up some sales copy that will generate an extra few hundreds of dollars per month consistently for years to come.

Scenario #4: Copywriting Services

If you want an easy way to make some quick emergency cash, you could send a quick e-mail to your list and offer one slot of copywriting for 500 bucks.

"Unbeatable" copy costs thousands of dollars and takes months to write... but because you're a fast food copywriter, you take that $500 and spend 2 to 3 hours banging out a lightning-fast sales letter that gets the job done.

With the simple directions I give you in my Fast Food Copywriting special report, you won't produce award-winning sales copy that takes months and months of painstaking work to write.

Instead, you will be able to consistently write satisfactory sales letters that are selling within a matter of hours... GUARANTEED!

Let's go over some more reasons why writing your own copy is the best way for you to crank up your online income to the "full blast" setting...

Pain #1: Copywriting Is As Expensive
As a Broken Bone With No Medical Insurance!

How much does product development cost you?

Let me rephrase that:

How Much Money Do You Flush Down The Toilet
Every Time You Create A New Product?

Let's make a quick total...

  • Product creation: $500 to $1500
  • Sales letter graphics: $50 to $300
  • Copywriting fees: $500 to $2500
  • Estimated total: $1050 to $4300 per product.

The above shows an "average" cost of $2675 per product.

If you were selling a little $7 special report, do you know how many sales you'd have to make just to break even?

382 sales, that's how many!

After 382 sales, you've finally made zero dollars and can begin the long slow trek towards making a little bit of pocket change to pay some bills.

I forgot other hidden fees like web hosting, advertising costs, transaction fees, taxes, and time wasted dealing with support issues.  Some copywriters insist on taking a percentage of your profits as well!

On top of ALL that, you have to repeat the process every time you create a new product!

Do you make 5 to 10 sales a week? Then it will take you one YEAR just to break even, and by that time your product's information could be outdated or copied by other marketers.

Couldn't You Save A Bundle If You Knew
How To Do Some Of That Yourself?

"Would Have Paid 10X the Price Just For Page Five"


I'd have been willing paid ten times my investment in "Fast Food Copywriting" just for the insights on Page 5.

This is a great little book. A book that I will be recommending to anyone who wants to sell their own products.

John Taylor, Ph.D.
Creator, AdTrackPro

I can't promise you'll get rich overnight, or that you'll become a millionaire by this time next year.  Those just aren't reasonable claims.  But I can promise you that if you work smarter instead of putting in any extra time, you will notice a nice improvement in your online business.

If you launched one product a month this year, and wrote your own "average" copy for each product, you'd save $6,000 to $30,000 in copywriting fees.

What would you do with the extra $6,000 per year you saved?

What would you do with the extra $30,000 per year you saved?

"Conquered Writer's Block... Forever!"

Hi Robert,

I invested in "Fastfood Copywriting" a while back and it has tremendously helped me in writing copy for my Expert Persuader site at my site and my clients' sites.

Before, I sometimes get writer's block; but since using Method #3 on Page 12, I've always been able to conquer this challenge and have been able to write copy any time in a breeze.

My brain is now completely wired for quick and EASY copywriting.

Thanks for a very valuable product.

Michael Lee
Persuasion Expert and Professional Copywriter

Pain #2: You Never Get EXACTLY What You Want When You Pay Someone Else... There's Always A Compromise

You have to spend the time explaining what you want from them, wait for them to come up with a sales letter, tell them you want more changes... wait even longer... then REPEAT THE PROCESS!

All the while hoping your copywriter doesn't hike up his fees for the extra time spent.

Let's face it... if you really enjoyed babysitting others, you'd be a parole officer, junior high teacher, or a 60-hour work week middle management slave.

Robert, thanks for the massive expansion of the tips already revealed in your blog.

I'm eagerly searching for the time-travel information* so I really can get more writing done in less time.

John Williams
Instructor, EzyMagic

* The time travel information is on page 13, paragraph 6...

You got into marketing on the Internet because you want freedom... but no one is going to just hand you your freedom.  You have to earn it.

If you ask me, taking one day out of the month to write some quick sales copy -- getting it done right the FIRST time -– is an extremely fair trade in your favor.

Pain #3: You Get Excited About It --
You Can Do It Quickly

Do you remember when you were back in school and you had to write about something you really really hated... like a paper about the French Revolution, or the Solar System?

A freelance copywriter is going to feel the exact same way.  He's in it for the money. You are more knowledgeable and more excited about the topic than he is, so he's going to drag his feet!

Because you know the topic so well, you know what buttons to push.

The things YOU get excited about are probably the things other enthusiasts in your niche are going to get excited about, so you save a TON of time by targetting what your prospects want to hear.

A dummy freelancer is going to fumble around in the dark until he hits the sweet spot.

You can start and completely finish your own sales letter TODAY, or wait around for weeks just for a rough draft if someone else did it.

G' Day Robert,

I just purchased and gave your report a read while I was installing some scripts and waiting for the files to upload.

There is just one word I can put to this report... actually 2.

"Intensely Practical!"

Everything about it just dripped good common practical sense to get sales copy written and written quickly.

Paul Kleinmeulman No fluff... no theory... all good stuff.

Keep up the great work mate.


Paul Kleinmeulman

Enough Foreplay, Just Tell Me What I'm Getting!

The Exact Moment I Realized I Was A Fast Food Copywriter, and Why I Suddenly Had NO CHOICE But to Explain How to Be One

  • What's a stairway conversation and how is it so important to the way your brain works?
  • What small change to my business allowed me to launch 20 products in 2007?  (I launched more products that year than I had in all my previous years of internet marketing COMBINED!)
  • Why you want to be the copywriting equivalent of a McDonald's fast food worker... and NOT an artsy-fartsy gourmet cook.
    (That's DEATH!)
  • How the word "wait" could have serious repercussions for your business and your lifestyle for years to come.

"Copywriting Doesn't Have to Be Complex!"

Brad Spencer I bought Fast Food Copywriting and read it while on a cruise. It was the simplest (read....most effective) book on copywriting. I got so caught up in all the pieces and didn't realize how easy it could be. My product I'm launching later in June I'm writing the sales copy for.

I sincerely learned the PSYCHOLOGY of writing copy and why I should do it myself to start out.

I love your formula.

My biggest take on your ebook is that copy doesn't have to be complex. It can be tweaked and it's better to get it out there.

Asking questions and such is the best thing I've ever seen to get copy done fast.

Brad Spencer

My Personal Formula for Copywriting: Why Fast Food Copywriting Is A Formula, Not A Skill, And Why Anyone Can Master It

  • How you can get your complete sales letter written in mere hours using the proven time-tested 7-step formula that I have printed and tacked up to my office wall.
  • What one thing can weave your points together... that your high school English teacher NEVER told you. I laugh at so many copywriters for forgetting this entirely!
  • If you are on a time crunch, the one thing you probably SHOULD outsource.
  • Get others to write your sales copy for you, for free, no strings attached whatsoever!

"Never Write a Sales Letter Again...
Without Looking at Page Seven!"

Hi Robert...

Ever since I bought Fast Food Copywriting, it's one of the few resources I keep close at hand all the time.

Now, I never write a salesletter without looking at page 7 (your personal formula) first and then using it as a checklist later. You keep it simple yet manage to include everything that matters.

Perhaps the best thing about your approach is that it gets people moving quickly then shows how to keep on improving the results.

FFC is one of the most useful guides to copywriting I've seen. It also packs in more tips on marketing strategy and tactics than many expensive courses. Thanks for the great job!

Best regards,

Robert Greenshields

Split Test the Crap Out of Your Letters to Get Them Evolving and Responding to What Your Prospects Want...
Not What You "Guess" They Want

  • Why you need to stay far away from "the obsessive tester" and how to avoid becoming one yourself.
  • One thing to watch out for with price testing... that could actually lose you money, but is an easy stumbling block for CONVERSION RATIO JUNKIES!
  • My personal, never-before-explained secret to finding the best and most powerful phrases for your swipe file.  I found 60 phrases in about 10 minutes using this technique.

How Reading Your Junk Mail Will Help You Find The Exact Trigger That Gets People Tripping Over Themselves to Buy!

  • Why you absolutely, positively must go back to a 4th grade writing level to succeed.
  • The exact number of words you need in your sentences to have the optimum psychological impact.
  • The maximum length of time your video should run.  It's a lot shorter than you think.
  • Robert Plank's ultimate writer's block cure for bullet points.  (This one idea kept me up all night.)

"How Do You Write That Killer Headline?"
And Why I Spend As Much Time on the Headline
As I Do On the Body of the Copy!

  • How to end up with 5 to 10 PAGES of headlines, so you know the exact one to choose for the perfect fit!
  • The perfect blueprint to crank out sales letters on an assembly line... by having others interview you in a very specific way!
  • How "the way" you present the problem and solution in your copy could mean life or death.
  • Integrate Parkinson's Law, Natural Language Processing, and Time Travel for a copywriting method that's out of this world!
  • Sell without selling and tap into an entirely new market -- most traditional copywriters don't have a CLUE about this method!


Just bought, and read, your ebook!


Judy Kettenhofen
I do think you underrate yourself as a writer, though.
In addition to showing HOW to write the copy, you show how to set up
a selling system.

I'd hire you to write my copy any day over another frequent poster on the
Warrior Forum who recently wrote an ebook on copywriting and has been
adding "copywriter" to his list of services. 🙂 (I didn't buy his more
expensive ebook, either.)

You're gonna have people knocking on your door to write copy for them, I'll
bet. 🙂

Live JoyFully!

Judy Kettenhofen
Professional Copywriter, NextDay-Copy

This simple, 10,000-word special report is written just like a concise sales letter -- you won't find ONE unnecessary word in the entire manual... I dare you!

You get all this powerful information for such a low price, which you can write off as a business expense.

"One of the Best And Most Practical Books I Have Ever Read On Copywriting... And I Have Read a Lot!"

Trevor Baret I have just read and then re-read Robert Plank's "Fast Food Copywriting".

Robert explains that he is not the world's supremo copywriter, and doesn't claim to be a Guru of any sort. He is an everyday working Internet Marketer who simply wants his copy to be read so that he makes sales...

...and it works...

Robert's approach is to make sure that his copy is interesting and compelling enough to make enough sales, without having to spend days or weeks over writing...

Don't worry about being perfect - just make sure it is good enough.

You can come back later to improve it after you are already making sales. Then you do your split tests on single sections of the copy and steadily improve the conversions.

But one of the best bits of advice is given in a chapter title - "Write the Damn Thing!"...

He explains Parkinson's Law It says, "Work expands to fill the time available for its completion." - so don't allow yourself too much time.

Such good advice - just DO it!

One of the best and most practical books I have ever read on copywriting... and I have read a lot!

Trevor J. Baret

Bonus #1: The "Bucket Brigade" Report

The Lazy Copywriter's "Secret" To Greased Slide Copy...

Ever heard of the age-old copywriter's secret to captivated readers, the "Bucket Brigade?" If you have, give yourself a pat on the back. If you haven't, that's fine too - In fact, very few have. The Bucket Brigade is a technique discovered by top copywriters decades ago, but very few copywriters these days have even heard of this technique.

Now, you may ask, what is the "Bucket Brigade?" The Bucket Brigade is a secret attention-grabbing skill the world's best copywriters developed to grasp their readers by the throat and force them to devour and digest their entire sales letters. It's their secret tactic to ...

Stop Readers From "Skimming" Or "Jumping To The Price!"

Lets face it ... You've probably heard the phrase "Your copy should read like a greased slide." What that means is once your reader "gets on" the slide at the beginning, he shouldn't leave the slide until he hits the bottom of your page and buys. But here's the thing ...

Nobody Explains How To Create Copy That Reads Like a Greased Slide!

Sure. You know how to create bullets, headlines, subheads, and every little piece that goes into a beautiful, masterfully constructed "slide" that should sell. But where's the all-important, response generating magical "grease?" How do you make it read so your readers are unable to leave until you're finished saying what you have to say?

I know, I know. You can just chalk it up to ... "It's experience."

Nonsense. Just like most other copywriting techniques, this skill can be honed and developed.

Here's just some of what you'll discover in this special bonus report...

  • The Lazy Copywriter's Secret to "Greased Slide" copy (So you can swiftly and easily churn out attention-grabbing copy without breaking a sweat)
  • 147 Unique "Read Me!" Phrases (So you'll never be at a loss at where to start.)
  • The "Insiders Only" Secret To Deviously Effective Copy
  • What NEVER to do when you start an important paragraph (Don't make this mistake!)
  • The tiny little phrases that can turn a copy bust into a profit BOOM (So you can spend the SAME amount of time and make MORE money.)
  • Why a single-syllable word can make the difference between a paragraph that's ignored and a paragraph that's hungrily read. (Quickly and easily turn your casual browers into instant buyers)

More importantly, here's what this report WILL do for you. You'll discover ONE copywriting secret, ONE copywriting technique, ONE unique tactic - That's taught almost NOWHERE else. All the top copywriters use it, but most other copywriters are completely oblivious. In other words, you'll...

Discover a Little-Known Copywriting Secret
NOBODY Else Will Tell You About!

All this work took me over 10 hours of pouring over sales letters from top copywriters, scouring the internet, and painstaking research, then pulling only the best ideas, words and phrases and putting them in this report.

"Page 3 Was Worth the Price of Admission!"

Gary Leggett I enjoyed your fast food copywriting. I thought of it as a poor man's John Carlton quick start to writing copy.

Chapter 3 is the part I've never seen anyone else put like that. For me it was worth price of admission. FFC is a great piece to add to my arsenal. There are some misspellings if I remember correctly but I believe you said in one of your videos you continually move forward and don't revisit unless you have to or something like that.

The add ons with FFC are excellent too. I had actually been looking for info on the bucket brigade concept. I heard Carlton talk about it with one of his early products but I'm not ready for the money commitment to his stuff.

As you state several times, I'm starting to realize forget the programming (unless you already know it) the graphics and the bell and whistle distractions. There's nothing like learning copy to turn on the money pipe.

Gary Leggett in Tennessee

Bonus #2: Sales Letters for Newbies

If Newbies Like Them Can Instantly Grab A Product And Profit From It, So Can You!

How YOU Can Write Your Own Sales Letter...

Which Produces a Minimum 2-4% Conversion Rate...

And Save Up To $10,000 From Hiring Your Own Copywriter!!

At Long Last... Finally, Owning An In-Demand, Quality Product Complete With Professional Sales Letter And Beautiful Graphics Yet Skipping The Product Creation Process Is Now POSSIBLE...

And You Can Do Just That In The Next 5 Minutes! - In Dummy Terms!

  • How to format your sales letter like a champion.
  • The true concept of a sales letter that never fails to sell!
  • The 5 types of headlines you should be aware of and how you can use them in your favor.
  • How you can address your prospect and qualify them to read your sales letter.

Plus MORE....MORE and MORE!

Most Internet Marketers, experienced and non-experienced, have one problem: copywriting.

Copywriting is NOT a forte dominated by most Internet Marketers

In my step-by-step guide, I show you how you can write your own sales letter without having to spend a fortune on engaging a copywriter to have the task done for you. Here are what you will discover:

The true concept of sales copywriting. There a lot of rumors and myths about writing sales copies and I clear the fog of doubt once and for all by slicing through the nonsense and give you all of what you need to know and understand about writing your very own powerful sales copy.

How to format your sales letter like a champion. I describe to you how you should format your sales letter and demonstrate my points by showing you some of best case studies on champion sales letters which I have picked up along the way. Someone has already done it right, so it would make sense to follow something that is already working.

The 5 types of headlines you should be aware of and how you can use them in your favor. It is said that a headline is the most important component of a sales letter, so important that it decides whether you make or lose a sale. All professional sales letter writers, knowing or unknowingly, use any or all of the 5 different headlines in their sales copies. Discover what they are, and you wouldn't find yourself guessing what qualifies as a great, attention-grabbing headline!

How you can address your prospect and qualify them to read your sales letter. Find out how you can be personal, be in touch, and understand your prospect to the fullest - even if you don't know him! This may sound absurd, but I will show you how you can understand and confirm your prospect's challenges by addressing what he is already going through that would encourage him to read your sales letter from top to bottom!

The myth dispelled once and for all - Long Sales Letter vs. Short Sales Letter. I dispell the myth about the age-old copywriting question, "Which is better? Long copy or short copy?" once and for all. Forget what you read in the free articles. If you would notice, they are mostly personal opinions. I give you the expert's advice, having written several sales copies that sell myself.

How you can start and end your sales letter interestingly without boring your prospect in the process. Even if it is a sales copy, your prospect wants to be entertained. No questions asked. Usually, the more information he gets, the better chances you have of closing your sale, because anyone would know that you obviously have more to offer in your paid product or service, and I show you do just that.

How to tell the difference between features and benefits. Most novice writers write sales letter that make them broker than yesterday and one of the main reasons are found in their failing to understand the distinctions between features and benefits. I define them in Simple English and show you multiple examples of Benefits vs. Features which you can use for your own sales copy!

How to collect powerful testimonials and endorsements. Testimonials are indeed powerful components of your sales letter. They back what you have to say or claim. I don't know of that many materials on the same subject that show you how you can gather your own collection of powerful testimonials that will back your claims in your sales letter.

How to persuade your customers to buy from you and close the sale! I describe to you how you can make your sales copy a prospect-murderer, sending their names and E-mail addresses into your customer list, by closing the sale effectively!

The most important questions you prospect will definitely have in mind that you must answer well.

You don't have mind-reading abilities, but I show you the most important questions your prospect would definitely want to have answered and how you can answer them well in order to close the sale.

And much, much, more!

Bonus #3: Name Squeeze Secrets Revealed

"If You're Grabbing Your Head In Frustration Because Your Commission Is Filtered And Flushed Out By The Curse Of Name-Squeeze Voodoo, Here's Your Magic Scroll For The Ultimate Counter-Attack Now!"

"How To Beat Name Squeeze Flat, Easily And Quickly, And Giggle, Snigger And Chuckle All The Way, Non-Stop, To Your Bank For Your Commission Today!"

Consider this scenario:

You know a friend is looking for a particular product, and you know just a perfect shop which offers such product with excellent service. You 'recommended' (pre-sell) to your friend, and brought (refer) her to the shop. Based on your recommendation, she's fired up and wants to make the purchase instantly.

However, the shop assistant wouldn't let her see the product, or make the purchase, until and unless she fill in her personal particulars (name squeeze).

And Her Next Step?

Think about it now. Wouldn't her fired-up desire to buy the product been doused completely? And does she feel that her personal particulars safe with the shop assistant?

So, the most probable thing she'll do next is to hit for the door!

Lost sale. Lost commission. Period.

Your Commission Is At Stake!

In online sense, it's the same. And with a devastating affect: Your lost commission!

You've probably known about this, and are searching for solutions. You would probably say the same: "I had enough!", wouldn't you?

Well, if you were me, I'm sure you would do what I've set out to do: I dig into various resources; I asked fellow affiliate marketers; I interviewed programmers; and I tested tons of methods and ways, and now...

You're about to own the right solution.

"Give Me 5 Minutes And I'll Show You

How I Increased My Conversion To 30%"

Ever since then, my conversion easily touched 30%, which means, for every 10 subscribers referred by me who opted-in to my vendor's list, 3 bought the product.

And my commission?

Rightfully credited to me, of course!

Now, that really doesn't matter because, let's talk about you and your commission income.

How much more do you thing you should rightfully make, through your affiliate marketing?

How Much You Want To Make Today?

Now, take a piece of paper and pencil, and write down "How much more commission I should be making each month from now on:" followed by a figure you WANT to earn.

Then read on, because I'm going to share with you how to beat name squeeze flat, easily and quickly, so that you can giggle, snigger and chuckle all the way, non-stop, to your bank, starting today! (And earn that FIGURE you've just written down!)

And here's the compact, fluff-free and BS-free e-report which you can grab today to... yes, you got it - beat name squeeze:

"Name Squeeze Secrets Revealed!"

In this solid e-report, you'll:

  • Slice Name-Squeeze open, inside-out and outside-in, and discover why as high as 50% of the visitors can virtually be a gold mine for the publisher. (And how you can turn that gold mine around for you!)
  • Revealed: How you can use squeeze effectively to build your own list before referring them to the publishers.
  • Discover the 3 types of emails used after your subscriber opt-in to your list and increase your sales up to as high as 12.61%!
  • How I've lost more than 90% of my list by using the wrong autoresponder service, and how you can avoid that depressing mistake today!
  • Discover the 'good' news to Affiliate Marketers, like you and me, when the publisher uses pure name squeeze technique to double, triple and quadruple his or her list.
  • Avoid the Deadly Duo: the 2 surefire ways to lose your sales when your refer your traffic to the publisher's name squeeze page instead of the sales page. (And sadly, many affiliate program e.g. Clickbank cannot allow you to by-pass the name squeeze!)
  • "Finally: The Super Six Methods You Can Use To Secure Your Affiliate Commissions, Whether The Publisher Is Using Name-Squeeze Or Not!"
  • The Essence: Master the Super Six Methods: the 6 guaranteed methods you can use to secure and increase your commission, whether the publisher is using name squeeze page or a regular site!
  • Apply the Fantastic Four Steps: the 4 must-do steps when you join any affiliate program to make sure that your marketing efforts rise above the rest!
  • And many more!

Yes, in the e-report, I'm going to reveal to you the secrets of making your affiliate sales - without having to worry if the vendor uses the name squeeze page!

"5 Minutes = 148 Opt-Ins and 30 Dollars!"

William Cato here,

William Cato I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your "fast food copywriting" report is the bomb! I mean it.

I have been studying copy for two years now and nothing comes close to your report for spitting out good copy faster and easier than Fast Food Copywriting.

I have used it to spit out a few ads. (I use the formula to write on forums and write emails as well, hell I use it for just about everything I write... even PLR reports!) I used one of the free bonus ideas from the name squeeze secrets report and your headline technique found in your report to create a squeeze page for an opt-in list by giving away a how to find your niche report, for an affiliate program that I am promoting.

I just started this promotion yesterday and I already have an opt-in list of 148 potential customers and sold one product which has made me $30.00 already.

I know that this doesn't sound like much... but so far I am happy with the results. Besides your report doesn't promise that I will get rich overnight.

And it only took me five minutes to create the squeeze page and upload it.

William Cato

"Very Impressed"

Hey, I read it all in one sitting.

Steven Schwartzman

I'm very impressed.

There's a lot of very good copywriting info packed in this report. I'm happy you are releasing this as a book instead of giving it away as a blog post.

Steven Schwartzman
"Mr. Headline"

Order below to find out how it took me less time to WRITE my copy than it did for me to decide what text I wanted to have bolded and centered.

smart people have already become Fast Food Copywriters...
Are you number ?

Fast Food Copywriting is delivered via PDF, so it's instantly downloadable.

It comes with an 8-week risk free no questions asked "love it or shove it" money-back guarantee. If Fast Food Copywriting hasn't taught you how to consistently produce amazing copy, just get your money back!